Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to use. This page explains which information we collect, how we use it and you rights. Concerns or questions? Drop us an email and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

Which information does Trainingsparkle collect?

We collect full year of activities from Strava or Garmin Connect. If you opted to have all your activities retrieved, we collect them year by year. We start with the most recent year and continue subsequently with past years.

For each activity we retrieve following data:

  • General information such as type of activity, start date and location, elapsed time, public and prive notes
  • Information of your physical achievements: heartrate, power, ...
  • Pictures linked to your activity
  • Location and course / track of your activity

Furthermore we process updates and new activities received from Strava.

We obtain a limited information about your athlete profileWe also retrieve limited data from your sports profile.
  • Your first and last name
  • Your sport gear: shoes, bikes, ...

What does Trainingsparkle do with your data?

We use your sports activities to build a personal yearbook. To do this, we process your activities and linked photos into a beautiful whole and create statistics for these activities.
We process updates of your existing activities and future activities in our database. Because there are restrictions on how often we can retrieve data from Strava, we also store your upcoming activities. This allows you to build a new yearbook faster and admits more athletes to Trainingsparkle.

Your data is not shared with third parties.

How can I request to view, change or delete data?

You can always change data via Strava itself, we will receive it as an update and process it in our databases.
In your profile you can delete all activities (and optionally your Trainingsparkle account).